Returns & Exchanges


In the case you have not received your goods within thirty (30) days since you made your order you have the right to withdraw.

Also, in our efforts at fulfilling the expectation of our customers in regard to the products they choose from our shop and in compliance with the applicable law, a right of an unexplained withdrawal is given, along with a full money refund, or exchange, within 15 calendar days since the day of the delivery, according to the documents of the receipt, provided that the following conditions are met:

The right of the withdrawal or the request of exchange must be filed within 15 calendar days since the delivery date of the goods, as it is apparent from the documents of the receipt.

The customer must notify our company in writing that he/she has the right to withdraw from our agreement or the right to exchange the product, either by completing the notification model of withdrawal/exchange, or by submitting and sending a clear notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal to the address below: Please, click here in order to get the submitting statement model of withdrawal. As soon as we receive the notification of your withdrawal, we will acknowledge receipt of it, by sending an e-mail, without delay.

Returns must be accompanied with a retail receipt.

After you have submitted your withdrawal/exchange statement and before you return the product, you must contact us at (+30) 210 3330000.

The product must be returned in its original condition it was received by the customer and it must be suitable for sale, as it wasn’t defective from the beginning.

If the above conditions are met, you are free to return the products to our company for replacement or money refund. Otherwise, we reserve the right not to accept the refund.

We also note that:

We reserve the right to reject returns of products which haven’t been returned according to the terms of the return policy which are listed herein.

The customer has always the responsibility for the shipping of the products to our company. The products, which are returned, must be sent to us within 14 calendar days, without delay, no matter what happens, since the day you notified us of your withdrawal from this contract.

In case of any defect of the product or error of our company, we will fully refund your money, corresponding to the value of your order, as well as to the cost of the shipping and return.

If, however, a defect of the product hasn’t occurred or any fault on the part of our company, only the amount of the money corresponding to the value of the product is returned and the return cost is borne exclusively by the customer.

Your money refunds will be accomplished ​​within 14 days since your exercise for the right of withdrawal and the return of the products to us. We have the right to withhold the money refund until we receive the goods back or until you provide evidence that you sent the goods back to us (whichever occurs first). We will carry out the money refund using the same payment means that you used on the first transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. According to the above-mentioned, you won’t be charged the expenses for the refund.

The foregoing, concern only transactions of products. With respect to the rendered services, the immediately following statements are applied.


In reference to the rendered services or "room services", there is the ability of cancellation/withdrawal up to two days before the arrival of the guest/visitor, or before the day that the delivery of the room was agreed (in case the stay is for several days).

The right of withdrawal/cancellation of an order is not given after the full rendering of service.


The right of withdrawal/cancellation of a gift voucher is not given after its purchase.