Set of 3 Homemade Marmalades

CODE: 000022

€ 24.00



Fruit rich in vitamins and antioxidant properties are transformed into even sweeter temptations with the addition of sugar and fresh lemon juice. A tasty delight for your breakfast table. Natural energy that comes from juicy citrus fruits, nutritious pomegranates, apples and plums. Savor their unique flavors.

Net Weight: 3 Items x 225g

Mandarin - Ingredients: Mandarin of Chios, Sugar, Fresh lemon juice
Lemon - Ingredients: Fresh Lemon & Orange, Apple and Sugar
Plum & Pomegranate - Ingredients: Fresh Plum & Pomegranate, Sugar, Fresh lemon juice
Bergamot - Ingredients: Fresh Bergamot & Orange, Sugar, Fresh lemon juice


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